forget jesus, me rising from my bed this morning was the true miracle


deformed cute things -u-


i am too young to have this many embarrassing memories


jealous nerds

When I was a kid I told people I had a crush just to fit in. Like damn I wish I knew I was a aromantic. That would have really helped me out. You know how tiring it is to think “maybe this person will be the one” when they never will?


nothing is infinite,
not even loss.

You are made of the sea and the stars, and one day
you are going to find yourself again.  

heavily inspired by this post!    

Would people be up for commissions??

Stupid reminder, I have an instagram.

Hey Psa, me and tumblr user actualwhooper have our hotel situation all figured out! We aren’t looking for roommates anymore!


another one of nekozneko designs that i really liked the first being this one

i miss homestuck =~= my birthdays coming up again so it feels appropriate to draw aradia again for the occasion

If I trust you enough for an art prompt, please just give me an idea sometimes it’s hard to be creative yo.


i make a comic about a serious thing really poorly! 

but seriously, i see/hear these snide comments all over youtube/facebook, and i started making this! sorry if its a bit confusing >v<”

and my handwriting sucks too, but i hope the point gets across!





What did the Japanese girl call her transformer brother?